Warm Your Home With Fragrances This Fall

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Warm Your Home With Fragrances This Fall


We have all been there… as you walk into a home, an office or a room, the smell elicits an immediate emotion.

The emotional effects of pleasant fragrances have been known to affect our perceptions of other people, of places and of things as well as having the power to elicit memories and spike energy.

For example… the smell of vanilla, one of the most liked smells universally has been known to elevate mood.  In a study published in the Proceedings of ISOT/JASTS 2004, researchers found that the smelling of vanilla beans elevated participants’ feelings of joy and relaxation.

The smell of spices including cinnamon has been associated with feelings of comfort and warmth.

The smell of citrus can elevate mood and energy and bring down stress and anxiety.

Bergamot is known for its relaxation properties.

With all of this in mind… why not give yourself the pleasure of smell throughout your home with an oil fragrance diffuser or a fragrance wax warmer.

Don’t discount your sense of smell, or that of your guests. Fragrance has the power to bring one back to childhood memories, to make one feel happy, alert, and comforted,  This fall or this holiday season, envelope your home with a calming fragrance, we are sure your guests will thank you.


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