5 Great Reasons To Buy Any Wine Lover A Wine Aerator

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5 Great Reasons To Buy Any Wine Lover A Wine Aerator

Wine lovers are crazy for wine “gadgets” and if you know one or more that you will be trying to purchase for this holdiay season, a wine aerator is a greaAUEROt and economical choice.

Here are five great reasons to consider a wine aerator for any wine lover this season:

  1. The wine tastes better!  It’s the simple truth that when air is mixed with wine it immediately improves the aromas, flavor and harmony of the wine.
  2. It’s fast! Using a wine aerator is faster than using a decanter. A wine aerator can add air to the wine in only a few moments while a wine decanter will also make a difference, but usually in a recommended 1 to 2 hour time frame.
  3. Less tannins! Tannins are chemicals that at times can make wine astringent and/or make your mouth feel dry after a sip. If you are wanting an immediately drinkable wine, aeration lessens the astringency by breaking down tannins and opening up the bouquet. The result is a smoother wine with more body.
  4. Aerators can be inexpensive, great gifts! Nearly any wine lover will be excited to receive a wine aerator as a gift. Even if they have one, most wine connoisseurs will enjoy trying different models and may keep them in different areas – in the kitchen drawer, in the wine cellar or in a wine cabinet or bar area.not done properly, aeration could also expose flaws in the wine making it prone to decomposition and degeneration. But if done correctly, aeration will have noticeable effects within minutes. Some wine will take more time to evolve—this depends on the kind of wine you are aerating. Other wines will even continue to evolve in a glass or decanter for an hour or so. So bear in mind that not all wines are the same; a process that worked for an older wine may not work as well when used with a younger one. But typically, younger aged red wines need the most aeration to become expressive.
  5. Less sediment! Aerating wine will decrease the amount of sediment you may get in your wine glass.

As you can see, if you are looking for a gift for any wine lover, a Wine Aerator may be just what you were looking for. The Best Home Products decanter has the benefit of fitting nicely into the bottle and does not require you to have to pour your wine into it.  Click HERE to take a peek at our Best Home Products Wine Aerator.


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